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Instead, advertise to people searching for "buy digital camera".Fortunately, the internet makes the mechanics of building a relationship easy and by creating a good relationship with Or the ones that say that you can email 5 million people - spam free?! With all of the junk and hype out there, it can be difficult for the internet marketing newbie to know what marketing methods to use. Here are several marketing methods that have stood the test of time.Some marketers use an ezine, which can look very professional. However an ezine will require a lot of input from you as they are usually published weekly or fortnightly and need a significant amount of content each time. A good alternative is a weekly or fortnightly tips email, which is much easier to produce and need only be a few paragraphs long. Just keep it full of relevant information that will be of benefit to the recipients. your customers and prospects they learn to trust you and that will reflect in your sales and repeat business. To keep in touch with your list regularly, all you have to do is email them and, each time you do, you build their trust in you and ultimately, your products.Do you get those emails that promise 2 million targeted visitors to your site in 24 hours? Pay per click advertising With a program like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing, you can advertise your site on the major search engines, and only pay when someone visits your site. This can be highly effective advertising - if you are advertising on search terms that are tightly related to your site. For example, if you sell digital cameras, you don't want to advertise to people searching for "television", and you might not even want to advertise to people searching for "camera".