You can have a list of thousands

So you need to be building relationships online, building a brand, so that people know you and trust you. Never forget one of the golden rules of sales, "People buy from people".Simple! is the most important aspect of online marketing today. It's the reason that people will buy from you rather than from anyone else in the vast choice now available. That's why top internet marketing entrepreneurs have always been prepared to spend time building and nurturing their own loyal customer base. Building a list of prospects and customers and maintaining your relationship with them, In this article I'll be looking at the different aspects of building your customer list, including the reasons for having a list and the basic steps for managing and building a list for your online marketing business. If you're just beginning, or about to begin an internet business the basics are here for you and, if you're already experienced, then this article will be a useful reminder.But just how do you go about building your list?Now unless you're absolutely new to online marketing, you'll know that building a list of customers is the basis of any successful online business. So how do you get a focussed list?Well, there are many ways to build a list, but what you want are contacts that are ready to listen to what you are offering. You can have a list of thousands, but if it is not focussed then it can potentially be useless. Relationships! Generally if you have a relationship with someone, you will have trust. If people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.