you stand is station Huoqixiaoqiang

hen we made ​​outside the chain or organization within the chain, try not to use the details: Go the: should use Keywords: WWW.XXXX.COM colon English, or do not. Outer chain and article updates have been adhering to, the PW Station is not good to do because, outside the chain is not easy to find, such as mice on the streets people cry, so superhuman mentality fishes ah. . Attention to the front of the URL link (hyperlink) plus target keywords Baidu will be treated when the link word, its effect is equivalent to the anchor text such as of Baidu: or Baidu with Baidu text link to www. is similar to the role of anchor text, so do not blindly pursue, we should pursue natural, natural distribution, can not let Baidu seen your intentions. Weight increased more natural, stable. Baidu no excuse to drop your weights. The station anchor text should pay attention to the natural, not to indulge in the pursuit of the target keywords. Actually should target keyword is 20%, 30% N multi Thrasher words, 40% sentence link (follows Tulusongsong), 10% URL link Station with station outside anchor text. Station is critical, often cheating that Baidu will delibiration afraid you are set up, you stand is station Huoqixiaoqiang, decisive K you do not discuss. The station anchor text should not have excessive, article as much as possible between 0-3. Do each article with the anchor text should be written as above + long tail word + word link + URL evenly distributed